Ready To Sell More Shoes?

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Flexible Payout

Enjoy payout via any method you prefer, whether it’s PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash or anything else you can think of.

Inventory Management

We track your inventory levels so you never have to worry about overselling on multiple platforms.

No Chargebacks
No Returns

We handle and assume all the risk so you will never see a return or chargeback again for any reason.

Professional Team

Our professional, dedicated team will make your life easier as we upload and manage your listings for you.

No Rush Shipping

Unlike other platforms, we understand you sometimes need more time to ship your item. That’s why we give you up to 5 business days to ship out the order from when your item sells.

Site Maintenance

Our site is built using powerful ecommerce solutions so you can be sure those orders will always be coming in.

No Image Uploads

No need for you to upload any images for us to list your shoes. Our team authenticates sellers, not shoes.

$35 Refer-A-Friend

We love friends. Get an extra $35 bonus for every friend who lists their shoes on our site and sells at least one pair.