Tory Lanez "Memories Don't Die" [Album Review]

June 27, 2019 3 min read


Written by Josephfer Williams Jr. 


Experiences, memories, feelings, and life stories is what you’re going to get with Tory Lanez’s sophomore album Memories Don’t Die. Tory Lanez gives you an insight into his world, his experiences, and his feelings during his life growing up and where his life is at today in the music industry. Now since Tory Lanez is one of my personal favorite artist, I am going to try to give you guys a review like my other ones, but it is going to be hard when I really enjoyed the album, not just for the music, but for all the story telling.

Within Memories Don’t Die, Tory tells different stories about his life, his former beef with Drake, how he almost got into a fight with Travis Scott, his mother dying when he was younger, and many other stories from his life. I believe Memories Don’t Die is a very good storytelling album if you actually take the time to listen through each song and listen to what he says throughout the songs. Now the whole album isn’t this whole story telling idea, there are some songs that can be used to turn up to or just vibe to.

Tory Lanez "Memories Don't Die" [Album Review]


Tory Lanez has a couple of features which include Future, Mansa, NAV, 50 Cent, Fabolous, Davo, Paloma Ford, and Wiz Khalifa. The artist included in Memories Don’t Die, went perfectly with each song because of how they sound and what Tory Lanez used them for on the song. Tory also switches back and forth from his second persona known as “Fargo”, to regular Tory. To explain Fargo, in the easiest way, Fargo is the persona that doesn’t care, he will steal your girl, right a lyrical rap about it and have you mad you weren’t him. Now Tory as a person is going to give you the singing aspect and the feelings whereas Fargo is going to give you straight bars on his songs. It may take you a while to figure out the two personas, but that’s what makes Tory Lanez’s music good. It’s not the same thing throughout every song, he can switch up into different styles and can give you lyrics you can relate to.


My personal favorite songs are Old Friends x New Foes, Shooters, Skrt Skrt, Hate To Say, 48 Floors, Dance For Me, Pieces, Hypnotized, and Happiness x Tell Me. The song I really related to the most was Happiness x Tell Me, because Tory talks about his younger life when his mother died. In the song, he tells how his father took his mom to the hospital and as soon as he got home later in the afternoon, she was pronounced dead. I really related to this song because I had an experience just like that except with my grandmother. Losing someone is a hard thing to cope with and when it is your mother, I am sure it is much more painful, so I give props to Tory Lanez for making a song like this. Overall, I would give Memories Don’t Die a 10/10, due to Tory’s storytelling, the feelings, and him being one of my personal favorites.


Josephfer Williams Jr. is a college student at Texas State University and a big fan of all kinds of R&B/Hip-Hop music. You can visit his personal music review blog here. Follow him on Twitter @Josephfer_24.

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