The 6 GOD Running Us through The 6 With His Latest Offering, Scary Hours

July 22, 2019 4 min read

The 6God has a tendency for releasing two types of albums, one for the rappers and one for the masses. Although over looked and unnoticed, a true Drake fan will hear the difference between the two and agree with the statement above. The two types of albums are similar in that, Drake can remind the listeners of his talent, which is rapping, singing and being an all-round musician without fail. However, the differences are seen in the level of lyricism, sequence of beats and sounds and the messages that he’s getting across. The best example was when Drake released his mixtape in 2015, ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, and then in 2016, with his studio album ‘Views’.

The 6 GOD Running Us through The 6 With His Latest Offering, Scary Hours

THE VLOG has a hunch that Drake could be executing the above again. In January 2018, our favourite Champagne Papi released a two song EP, that has two of his latest single’s ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ and ‘God’s Plan’. While listening to the EP, there are two ‘types of Drake’. Drake for the rappers, with ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ and Drake for the masses, with ‘God’s Plan’. This further showcasing his versatility.  Both songs are similar with regards to the message conveyed. Both songs speak about how much change he has been through seen since being in the industry, both negatively and positively and how he is able to rise above the fame by being aware of what is happening around him and staying true to himself. Two track too little. NO!

Scary Hours is somewhat a substantial promise to Drakes final verse in his critically acclaimed “Project, More Life, released in 2017. Here is a little background; track 22 on More Life sees Drake telling fans that he will be back in 2018 to give fans a summary of what we were not sure of in 2017 ( “I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary, More Life”),  is Scary Hours the summary that the 6God was alluding too? A great summary of how Drake has been experiencing, feeling and dealing with is what Scary Hours is showing off to fans.

The EP allows Drake fans to appreciate Drakes rap skills and this can be greatly identified in Diplomatic Immunity. “Diplomatic Immunity” begins with a violin instrumental that gives it a royal and regal feel, which is fitting because he has become Hip Hop royalty over the years.

The single does not follow the normal song sequence of verse 1, hook, verse 2, hook, bridge and hook, Drake just straight up spits. He’s spitting for the rappers. At first listen, one would immediately assume that he is angry at the world and that he is calling out people, but if you listen closely he is reminding the industry of who he is. Although the industry has made him, he doesn’t necessarily care because the industry needs him. He reminds us of his success over the years, the people that he has met, and the bonds formed.

Diplomatic Immunity immediately sparks the idea that Drake is on “Venting Mode”. In the opening lyrics Drake states “Diplomatic Immunity f@k ‘em. All that peace and that unity F@K ‘em. All that weak sh! To ruin me F@k ‘em…”.  There is no filter offered in the opening statement on the song and we appreciate the authenticity demonstrated. Diplomatic Immunity continues with drake highlighting life occurrences that he has encountered or experienced in recent times.  For instance he expresses the lack of acknowledgement he feels he should also be granted for. This can be identified in this verse: “ Billboard awards, I claimed 13 out in Vegas Like Surenos. Black Excellence, but I guess when it comes to me its not the same though, all goodie” This line also alludes to racial matters in The United States of America, where colour is still a topical issue as in other States.

The 6 GOD Running Us through The 6 With His Latest Offering, Scary Hours

Diplomatic Immunity also name drops on a few Hollywood stars , including J.LO, SZA and Shakira. The Shakira name drop is quite an example of intricate detail  and somewhat provides an “uh ha” moment.” “..Whenever, wherever, OVO will always be together like Shakira. A little knowledge is needed to understand this verse. In a sense that Drake makes reference to Shakira’s 2001 hit song Whenever, wherever, smart much? That’s Drake for you.

The second and final song, ‘God’s Plan’ is definitely for the masses. Reminiscent of DVSN’s “Do It Well” beat, Drake has created the calm after the storm, that is ’Diplomatic Immunity’.’ God’s Plan’ is a feel-good song that allows THE VLOG to add a little jig while bopping our heads to it. Drake is saying what he is said in ‘Diplomatic Immunity’, just the commercialised version. This was smart move because he knows that music is supposed to make you feel good, no matter the message and that is what he did. Drake also tells us listeners about how his faith in his religion has carried him throughout his career, and how everything has fallen into place with his God’s timing

A sign of being grateful is shown by Drake in the song. “God’s Plan, I can’t do this on my own”. The ability to recognize that the people around the hit maker are of value to him is identified in the song, which further continues the theme of being grateful.  The line that is being quoted a lot on social media has to be “She said do you love me, I told her only partly. I only love my bed and my momma I’m sorry” Ouch!

A Drake project is never short of throwing shade like its sunny. He speaks on the greedy journalists, friends who have turned into enemies and the people he no longer has relations with. J.LO where you at? ‘God’s Plan’ since its release, has a video with about 65 million views on YouTube. God’s Plan continued to succeed by going triple platinum.

Needless to say, we certainly cannot wait for more songs from Mr Do Right And Kill Everything, DRAKE. See what we did there? 2018 is already up to a great start with Drake on the Scene.


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Written by The Founders of THE VLOG, Samantha Mpofu and Boitumelo Zwane

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